Covid19: 5 Advantages to have a Work from Home Policy

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Covid19 pandemic has hit most of the companies hard and caught us unaware. Companies are forced to adapt to a particular way of working without any prior knowledge or experience.

One particular area is employers are forced to implement work from home. Most of the manufacturing industry employees are experiencing work from home for the first time. Companies are looking for clear guidelines, as to how their employees remain safe and productive while working remotely. The employees may also be feeling lost, disconnected, and confused about what they can do or can’t do. Thus adding to their insecurity and leading to an unhappy workforce.

A clear Work from Home Policy can steer things in the right direction. The following are the main advantages of having a  robust work from home policy.  

  • It maintains the productivity and motivation levels to employees
  • Keeping customer service levels high /Delivering quality consistently.
  • It maintains the profit margins as a result of happy customers.
  • It sets up an organized system for remotely working for staff.
  • It gives clear, health, and safety guidelines for remotely working employees.

Transition to work from home in a short time will not be easy for some sectors. Every sector has different methods of working hence a standard template won’t be applicable at all.  

One positive impact of work from home, especially for non-IT sectors, has been the digital evolution of the workforce. As a result, you have a very agile workforce that can adapt to any situation. So don’t wait for another disaster, be prepared, Today!

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Teamwork in Covid19 Crisis- Empathy is the key.

Thank you very much for the encouraging response to my articles. The recent covid19 pandemic has stirred the air of uncertainty in our lives never before. Most of the Leaders in the companies are unclear of questions like, when is the lockdown going to end, what will be the impact on my business, what will be my team’s response, when will my business be able to restore the cash like good old days and so on. 

Today I will share my thoughts on the team handling in this crisis. There is a lot of chaos and crisis outside the organization, why not start by making things simple at our end. This simple incident will help understand the point.  

During the lockdown, most of us are working from home. One day, my daughter was continuously crying and asking for my attention. I was under a lot of pressure on office work and household chores. So I chose to ignore her and continued with my work. Thinking the situation will be handled on its own. However, this did not take place as expected and the discomfort of both of us kept on increasing. Finally, I took a break and talked to her. I tried to understand the problem from a child’s perspective. I understood the reason for her discomfort. Children are more used to outdoors and playing with friends. Suddenly due to pandemic situations, they are forced to stay indoors and entertain themselves with toys/games. They are working equally hard like us to adapt. Also, I tried to explain my situation in a way she could relate to. I finally engaged her with her favorite activity and continued with my work. Thus restored the situation to favorable. Now since I have a deeper understanding I can handle such future situations more effectively.

EMPATHY is what handled this situation. Both of us understood each other’s pain, of course, based on our capacity to understand and the situation got restored.

We can relate this situation to our business/careers also. So following are the key takeaways from this story:

Hiding head in the sand like an ostrich is not going to help: If we hide from the problem thinking that it will resolve on its own, is not going to help. The leadership and the team have to collectively work to come out of their comfort zone to handle the crisis.

Practice Empathy: Empathy is, after all, a human skill; you can get better and better by practicing it. Too often we underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Thus, if we practice the value of Empathy within our organizations, decision making, and work will become far more becomes less complicated. 

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Post Covid Interviews, Real or Virtual- a Headhunter’s perspective.

Thank you very much for your encouraging response to the previous articles. With the recent Covid19 situation and social distancing scenario, most of the businesses across the world have adapted themselves to survive the crisis. Last couple of months we have witnessed a huge shift in the way companies doing business. Most of the business processes like are shifting from Real to Virtual platforms.


The hiring process is no different. Question is, will companies continue Virtual Hiring after the crisis is over? Well, we don’t know, however, one thing is definitely sure, life is never going to be the same again. My perspective as a Headhunter is that the post Covid19 crisis, cost, and speed are going to be the most critical elements of hiring than it has been ever.  Post Covid hiring is going to be of past ways of hiring(In-person interviews)  and new learning acquired due to crisis(virtual interviews), to optimize the hiring process and make it more effective.

In today’s article, I’ve summarized the pros and cons of Real Interviews and Virtual Interviews and how we can use the best of both worlds to adapt productively for the long term.


Real(Inperson ) Interviews


Virtual (online) interviews

1.       More personal Touch:

Important in the final round of interview with senior management, where critical discussions related to salary negotiations and company future plan/vision occurs.

2.       Opportunity to see future employer premises:  

 An in-person interview gives an opportunity for candidates to see the office/manufacturing facility, that establishes trust in the company.

3.       No additional employer branding  required:

Since the company already has the setup in place, no additional employer branding is required.

 4.       No Software security measures/firewalls required:




 1. Geographical Limitations: It is more time consuming considering the travel time required and also the travel expenses incurred either by the company or candidate.

 2. High Candidate no shows: There is a high last-minute Cancellations/rescheduling of Interviews.



3. Cost of recruitment high: Time is taken to close a position if high as a result cost per hire also goes high.



1.       No Geographical Limitations:

An employer can interview candidates from multiple geographical locations on the same day. This avoids a lot of hassles like candidate unavailability due to leave issues, travel delays, and other similar logistic issues.

. 2.       Convenience to attend for candidates:

Candidates are not required to take leaves for interviews and it comes easy for them to attend.

Significant Reduction in no shows:
Because of convenience, the interview attendance rate is higher compared to in-person interviews.

4.       Fast and cost-efficient: With large talent pool available and fast process. The recruitment time and

5.       cost is significantly reduced.


1.       Absence of personal touch:  Candidate does not get a chance to see the office/factory premises in person and employer doesn’t get opportunity to meet the prospective employee in person.

Investment in a secure video-conferencing application:
Company needs to invest in a secure video-conferencing application. However this cost is not very high and is a one-time expenditure.

3.       Decision-related to cultural fit can be tricky:
There is a great deal of difference in the body language you see in in-person and online.


The use of Virtual interviews for initial screening and technical assessment and in-person interviews for behavioral assessment and negotiations can have a great impact on long term cost and time.

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Thank you very much for your encouraging response to the previous article “Resume OR CV, Which one creates the desired impact”. In continuation of this, today I’ve thought to come up next article, “5 key points to be kept in mind while writing a CV”. Most of you must be aware that an average recruiter spends 6-10 seconds reviewing a CV. These stats may seem a bit scary for the jobseekers, but don’t worry. The recruiters have a trained eye for important details and they know what to look in a CV.

The following are the points to be kept in mind while writing a CV.  They are derived out of various aspects like recruiting software compatibility, ease of recruiters/hiring managers, making CV stand out, and thus increasing the overall chances of CV getting shortlisted.

  1. ATS Friendly: Most of the companies use ATS (Application Tracking Software) for their hiring. As soon as the Hiring Manager receives a CV, it is uploaded to the ATS for future communication or reference. Every ATS has specific file size specifications. Including a lot of graphics or boxes in the CV increases the file size. Thus, there is a possibility of content getting distorted or some vital information lost. To avoid this it is always recommended to use an MSWord (*.doc) file with a simple text format.
  1. Length of the CV: This is a very critical component to be kept in mind while writing a CV. The length of a CV should never be more than 4 pages. If you choose a resume + cover letter, this entire pack should never exceed 3- 4 pages. Advantage, you save a lot of time from writing a lengthy CV, plus the recruiters and ATS are going to love it.
  1. Format: Reverse chronological order is highly recommended. With Professional summary at the top, followed by Educational qualifications, Technical Summary, Certifications, Extra Curricular, and Personal details at last. Always use a heading and bullet points format while writing a CV.
  2. Content: The content should be focused to answer the question, Why are you the ideal candidate for this role. It should be rich in keywords. Language-Specific and easy to understand. Avoid using too many complicated words and phrases in an attempt to sound more skillful. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a big no-no.
  1. Final Check: Before submitting the CV, do not forget to get it checked by your friend or a professional. Always include the References: will be available on request, in the last. References check is a very important step in the recruiting process.

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Resume OR CV: which one creates desired impact?

How do I apply for a job to create the desired impact? Should I send a CV or a Resume? I am sure most of us have come across this question at some point of time. In this article I will share my experiences, trust it will help you to find answers to above questions.

We will discuss the difference between a CV and Resume based on following aspects:

–        Nomenclature.

–        Length of document.

–        Job Roles.

–        Preference in different countries.

–        Some tips for the Indian job seekers. 

Nomenclature: The word resume is derived from a French word résumé meaning “summary”. This means Resume is a document which gives an idea about professional summary. It is a dynamic document, it can be changed multiple times and we can have different Resumes prepared for different job roles.

The word CV/ Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word meaning ‘Course of Life ’. It is a static document, it includes all the details academic, non-academic and professional summary achieved throughout the career. It’s more detailed than Resume.

Length: Resume ideally should never be more than 2 pages. It is mostly accompanies by a Cover Letter/Personal Statement. The total length of this pack of Cover letter/Personal statement and resume should never be more than 4 pages. CV is a detailed document so cover letter is not required in this case. The total length of CV should never exceed more than 4 pages.

Job Roles: Resume can be prepared in 3 ways,

-Reverse chronological : Here every job is written in reverse chronological style with detailed description of every job. This is used by experienced candidates.

-Functional: Here only time and duration different jobs are mentioned and details are elaborated and third are hybrid that is the combination of above two. Functional resumes can be used by freshers or someone who has gaps in their resumes.

-Hybrid: Combination of the above two.

CV format is mostly fixed i.e in reverse chronological order. However if you wish to experiment you can still use functional or hybrid format.

I will share a little secret here, hiring managers and recruiters love to read resumes / cvs written in reverse chronological style.

Nationality: Most of the European countries, employers prefer CV submittal as application for a job. In USA and Canada employers prefer resume along with cover letter. Some countries like India and Australia use resume / CV interchangeably.

Some tips for Indian job seekers: Since India is an outsourcing hub for many multinational companies, here are some things to keep in mind while applying next time for a job.

USA and Canada employers prefer to have a Career Objective/Personal Statement on the top of the resume. In US they consider resume as a personal marketing document, hence simple facts and statistics won’t help, feel free to do a little more selling with accomplishments, accolades and phrases like “Excellent analytical skills”, “Great people management skills”, extracurricular activities, contribution towards community etc. It enhances your credibility.  

However, with European countries it’s a different story. Career Objective/Personal Statement on top of CV is not required, unless you are a fresher. Also Overselling is not appreciated by these employers; they appreciate basic numbers and statistics instead.

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COVID-19 Crisis: Are you looking of a job ?

COVID-19 Crisis: Looking of a job ?

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