Employee On boarding is a formal procedure to integrate a new employee in the system or culture of the organization. It has many aspects like compliance, culture, communication, goal setting, and trainings to name a few. Why we need a formal on boarding process, can we not just assign a buddy and get away with it. In this article we will focus on the WHY aspect of employee on boarding.

Many of us must have visited local nursery for buying new plants. Being a huge fan of gardening, I always get a lot of plants from nursery. I am always very impressed to witness how all the plants are maintained so well, healthy, lush green and in full bloom. I think it is the outcome of hard work of gardener who has taken care of plants and the plants who have adapted well to that particular environment & flourished. I purchased a very healthy looking plant and bought it home, hoping it will continue to bloom in the same way.

After few days, I observed my healthy looking plant had started shedding its leaves for first few weeks. This got me worried, I continued providing it the right kind of soil, water, sunlight & care.

As time passed, I realized that it’s the old leaves that are shedding and they are gradually replaced by tiny new ones. After few weeks of nurturing, the new leaves started growing larger in size, resembling the ones in the local nursery. Now I was happy to see that my hard work of taking care of the plant had started showing results and plant had started adapting to its new environment. It was now strong enough to take care of itself if provided with the basic needs of right soil, water & sunlight.

“Human Beings are Plants with complex emotions”

Let us compare above episode with employee on boarding. So as they say “Human Beings are nothing but plants with complex emotions”. When we hire a new employee, we are getting a candidate from outside system into our system. The employee on boarding process helps the transition of a candidate into employee first and later on into a team player/contributor.

During the entire on boarding process, we help the candidate to shed his old learning or methods from the previous organization and adapt to the new culture or environment. The new learning are majorly related to compliance, company, culture, new skills & new goals/milestones to be achieved.

Thus, employee on boarding is not something which is optional but is a business imperative. Especially during the covid times a thorough employee on boarding process can prove to be a great boon to the organizations.

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