The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly made us realize that everything around us is so temporary. What matters the most is good health, family, home and having a decent job. Since last couple of months we have witnessed many events which have challenged our older ways of thinking. Like many other things, it has also bought in a huge change in the points employees used to look in a company before making a job change decision.

Some pointers which were relevant earlier have suddenly become most significant, while some have become completely irrelevant.  Following are the top 5 points employees consider these days before making a job change decision:

  1. Change and Stability: Change & Stability in the current job verses Change & Stability provided in the future job. This has come out as number one point, employees consider before making a switch these days.
  1. Work life Balance: Balancing work, family life and family health, comes on second priority. Candidates are looking for companies that provide a good balance to professional and personal wellbeing. They look at the clear understanding of the job roles & responsibilities and the personal growth advancement scope provided by the job.
  1. Compensation: Compensation comes as the next important point under consideration. Under normal situations opting for the best salary package seemed like the most obvious choice. However in the current scenario, candidates are giving equal weightage to health insurance cover, stability, work life balance, company growth and advancement plans.
  2. Commute Time & Relocation: With the increase in the trend of remote working in many industry sectors, the commute time does not really matter these days. Also the trend of relocation is increased due to various reasons like layoffs, increased risk of losing current job relocating close to native places, relocating away from metro cities, company wanting essential function employees to relocate nearby etc.
  1. Company Size and Turnovers (Revenue): Earlier Company size & turnover was directly proportional to stability and growth. However, these days candidates prefer companies which given them a job security, good corporate culture, better growth and advancement opportunities compared to size in terms of number of employees or revenue.                                                                                                                    

Employee hiring, retention and productivity has always been a critical aspect of every business; it’s not a onetime destination to reach and stay. It requires continuous nurturing and improvement from both the sides. Hope this  article will help you decide your next employer or employee.

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