Covid19: 5 Advantages to have a Work from Home Policy

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Covid19 pandemic has hit most of the companies hard and caught us unaware. Companies are forced to adapt to a particular way of working without any prior knowledge or experience.

One particular area is employers are forced to implement work from home. Most of the manufacturing industry employees are experiencing work from home for the first time. Companies are looking for clear guidelines, as to how their employees remain safe and productive while working remotely. The employees may also be feeling lost, disconnected, and confused about what they can do or can’t do. Thus adding to their insecurity and leading to an unhappy workforce.

A clear Work from Home Policy can steer things in the right direction. The following are the main advantages of having a  robust work from home policy.  

  • It maintains the productivity and motivation levels to employees
  • Keeping customer service levels high /Delivering quality consistently.
  • It maintains the profit margins as a result of happy customers.
  • It sets up an organized system for remotely working for staff.
  • It gives clear, health, and safety guidelines for remotely working employees.

Transition to work from home in a short time will not be easy for some sectors. Every sector has different methods of working hence a standard template won’t be applicable at all.  

One positive impact of work from home, especially for non-IT sectors, has been the digital evolution of the workforce. As a result, you have a very agile workforce that can adapt to any situation. So don’t wait for another disaster, be prepared, Today!

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