Thank you very much for your encouraging response to the previous article “Resume OR CV, Which one creates the desired impact”. In continuation of this, today I’ve thought to come up next article, “5 key points to be kept in mind while writing a CV”. Most of you must be aware that an average recruiter spends 6-10 seconds reviewing a CV. These stats may seem a bit scary for the jobseekers, but don’t worry. The recruiters have a trained eye for important details and they know what to look in a CV.

The following are the points to be kept in mind while writing a CV.  They are derived out of various aspects like recruiting software compatibility, ease of recruiters/hiring managers, making CV stand out, and thus increasing the overall chances of CV getting shortlisted.

  1. ATS Friendly: Most of the companies use ATS (Application Tracking Software) for their hiring. As soon as the Hiring Manager receives a CV, it is uploaded to the ATS for future communication or reference. Every ATS has specific file size specifications. Including a lot of graphics or boxes in the CV increases the file size. Thus, there is a possibility of content getting distorted or some vital information lost. To avoid this it is always recommended to use an MSWord (*.doc) file with a simple text format.
  1. Length of the CV: This is a very critical component to be kept in mind while writing a CV. The length of a CV should never be more than 4 pages. If you choose a resume + cover letter, this entire pack should never exceed 3- 4 pages. Advantage, you save a lot of time from writing a lengthy CV, plus the recruiters and ATS are going to love it.
  1. Format: Reverse chronological order is highly recommended. With Professional summary at the top, followed by Educational qualifications, Technical Summary, Certifications, Extra Curricular, and Personal details at last. Always use a heading and bullet points format while writing a CV.
  2. Content: The content should be focused to answer the question, Why are you the ideal candidate for this role. It should be rich in keywords. Language-Specific and easy to understand. Avoid using too many complicated words and phrases in an attempt to sound more skillful. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a big no-no.
  1. Final Check: Before submitting the CV, do not forget to get it checked by your friend or a professional. Always include the References: will be available on request, in the last. References check is a very important step in the recruiting process.

 Hope you are finding the articles useful.  Would love to hear your thoughts, please email me on It will encourage me to write more.


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