5 team rituals during economic downturn.

Covid19, most of the business are facing a high level uncertainty as leaders having very less visibility about the future. This causes employee anxiety related to their job security. It becomes important for both to empathize with each other and work together, in order to come out of this crisis successfully.

“A team is not a group of people that work together, it is a group of people that trust each other. “- Simon Sinek.

This article is about top 5 team rituals, if followed consistently, can help companies fight and come out of this crisis.

  1. Challenge the status quo: In the situation of crisis, both teams and managers must, work hard to get rid of inertia of older ways of working. Leaving aside ego, perfectionism and old ways of working, think from customer’s perspective. What value we can offer as a team to the customer.
  1. Daily Communication: Communication has become even more vital in current scenario. Communicate with the team on regular basis to understand the new challenges they are facing. Explain the challenges the business is facing and make sure everyone is on the same page. It is very important for ever.
  1. Test & Measure: Try different new customer offerings that emerge out of the brainstorming sessions. Monitor the results and keep improvising.
  1. Do not micro manage: While the employees are working from home, do not micro manage. Manage the project and not the people. If the project is progressing and results are visible, why micro manage.
  1. Mutual Appreciation/Empathy: Don’t forget to thank your team or manager for their support. A genuine appreciation/thank you goes a long way to create a sense of responsibility and motivation.

To survive and thrive, persistence and consistency is the key. Persistence will get you there and Consistency will keep you there. Hope your found today’s article useful.

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Teamwork in Covid19 Crisis- Empathy is the key.

Thank you very much for the encouraging response to my articles. The recent covid19 pandemic has stirred the air of uncertainty in our lives never before. Most of the Leaders in the companies are unclear of questions like, when is the lockdown going to end, what will be the impact on my business, what will be my team’s response, when will my business be able to restore the cash like good old days and so on. 

Today I will share my thoughts on the team handling in this crisis. There is a lot of chaos and crisis outside the organization, why not start by making things simple at our end. This simple incident will help understand the point.  

During the lockdown, most of us are working from home. One day, my daughter was continuously crying and asking for my attention. I was under a lot of pressure on office work and household chores. So I chose to ignore her and continued with my work. Thinking the situation will be handled on its own. However, this did not take place as expected and the discomfort of both of us kept on increasing. Finally, I took a break and talked to her. I tried to understand the problem from a child’s perspective. I understood the reason for her discomfort. Children are more used to outdoors and playing with friends. Suddenly due to pandemic situations, they are forced to stay indoors and entertain themselves with toys/games. They are working equally hard like us to adapt. Also, I tried to explain my situation in a way she could relate to. I finally engaged her with her favorite activity and continued with my work. Thus restored the situation to favorable. Now since I have a deeper understanding I can handle such future situations more effectively.

EMPATHY is what handled this situation. Both of us understood each other’s pain, of course, based on our capacity to understand and the situation got restored.

We can relate this situation to our business/careers also. So following are the key takeaways from this story:

Hiding head in the sand like an ostrich is not going to help: If we hide from the problem thinking that it will resolve on its own, is not going to help. The leadership and the team have to collectively work to come out of their comfort zone to handle the crisis.

Practice Empathy: Empathy is, after all, a human skill; you can get better and better by practicing it. Too often we underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Thus, if we practice the value of Empathy within our organizations, decision making, and work will become far more becomes less complicated. 

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